Become a Climate and Health Champion


We are seeking health professionals around the world who are willing to become advocates for climate and health in your community, country, or region. As a trusted health professional you can play a powerful role explaining the impacts of climate change on health, the opportunities to improve health through climate action, and why a healthy future for all requires a stable climate, to your community, decision-makers and to your peers.

We know you are a busy professional and your time is precious – we will not ask you to do anything you don’t wish to. Instead, we hope to assist you to become an effective and strategic champion for a healthy, sustainable future. We will alert you by email or our newsletter about major news or key events that create ripe opportunities for you to educate others about climate and health.

You may opt out of being a Climate and Health Champion at any time, with our gratitude for your involvement.


GCHA will not sell or share your information to anyone. If you sign up to be a climate and health champion, we will contact you with spokesperson and/or advocacy opportunities, information and tools. You can opt out at any time. GCHA privacy policy