GCHA developing new video series for 2023

The Global Climate and Health Alliance is excited to announce an upcoming series exploring climate change as a health emergency, and highlighting promising solutions at the nexus of climate and health. The series will be produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, and will launch in 2023, with a launch event anticipated in early Autumn. GCHA will be working alongside the BBC StoryWorks team in the development of the series, with organisations in the GCHA network and across the health community invited to share stories for potential inclusion.

The series will consider the climate crisis as a health crisis, underlining its severity. Yet by showcasing progressive solutions already in place, it will inspire others to follow suit, highlighting the dual benefit of improving both health and climate. Through stunning, human-centric short digital films and multimedia content, the series will give voice to those most affected by these interconnected issues globally, while showcasing some of the most effective, inclusive and replicable initiatives already in place to tackle them.

The series will be hosted on an immersive microsite on BBC.com, with launch milestones aligned to major events throughout 2023 including the World Health Assembly and COP28. A multi-channel digital campaign will share the series with relevant segments from among BBC.com’s 139 million monthly browsers, alongside communications from GCHA and our networks.

The series will be split into three chapters, corresponding to the following areas of exploration:

Impact of Climate Change on Health: The changing climate brings grave risks for human health. What are the solutions that mitigate cause and effect, improving both the environment and the public health it influences?

Greener Healthcare: The healthcare sector has a vital opportunity to lead by example, in mitigating and adapting to climate change. How are organizations in the sector building greater resilience while also addressing their own environmental impact, and in turn saving lives proactively?

The Change Makers: Those least responsible for climate change are most likely to feel its effects. How are young people, health workers, NGOs and marginalized communities mobilizing to confront this crisis head-on, ensuring that no one is left behind?

Jeni Miller, Executive Director of the Global Climate and Health Alliance said, “Our health, the health of our children and communities – that is where the climate crisis hits home. Health workers and health organizations of all kinds around the world are on the front lines – with people facing these climate impacts, and developing solutions at the nexus of climate and health. With the storytelling power and reach of the world’s most recognized and trusted broadcaster, and these stories to tell, the series will help put people’s health at the center of the climate discussion, to drive the progress we need to see for a healthier, more equitable, more sustainable world.  

GCHA invites organisations working to tackle these fundamental challenges to propose case studies to be included in the series; details of how to do so are below. 


If you have a story to share, please express your interest in participating in the series by emailing Liam Wilby, Series Developer at BBC StoryWorks ([email protected]) with a response to the following prompt by 25 February:

Considering the three chapters outlined above, please detail a specific project or initiative through which your organisation is tackling the joint climate and health crises.

Stories will be reviewed, and a selection will be invited to discuss engaging BBC StoryWorks’ creative teams to produce a branded piece for the series, which will require a fee determined by production variables. GHCA is also in search of organisations to be featured as contributors in its own branded content, at no cost to them. Both the Alliance and BBC StoryWorks teams are committed to ensuring diverse voices and cross-ecosystem participation on the series, and as such stories from all stakeholders are encouraged. 

A team of researchers, producers and writers will work with selected organisations to capture positive change in a compelling and striking way, and those organisations can also amplify the series on their own channels as facilitated by the BBC StoryWorks and GCHA teams.

NB: Please note that under the Guidelines for Advertising and Sponsorship for BBC Commercial Services, we cannot include films that carry any political or campaigning messages for governmental policy changes.