All infographics use IPCC AR5 Working Group II references except where listed below (this list does not include the long banner infographics).

Major cities

1) Robine JM et al. Death toll exceeded 70,000 in Europe during the summer of 2003. Comptes Rendues Biologie. 2008;331:171-8.(Heatwaves)

2) World Health Organization. Global status report on road safety. 2013.

Coastal areas

1) Food and Agricultural Organization. Philippines Typhoon Haiyan. 2014 (

2) Food and Agricultural Organization. The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture. 2000. FAO, Rome, Italy.

Rural settings

All references are from IPCC WGII

Towns and Suburban Areas

1) World Health Organization. Burden of disease from Household Air Pollution for 2012. WHO Department of Public Health and Environment. 2014

2) Health and Environment Alliance. The unpaid health bill: how coal power plants make us sick. 2013.

3) Hosking J, Mudu P, Dora C. Health co-benefits of climate change mitigation: Transport sector. World Health Organization, 2011.