Climate Change: a summary of the science
The aim of this document is to summarise the current scientific evidence on climate change and its drivers.
Royal Society

Climate Change 2007: Synthesis Report
This Synthesis Report is based on the assessment carried out by the three Working Groups (WGs) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It provides an integrated view of cli- mate change as the final part of the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment Report
Intergovernmental Panel Climate Change

Living Planet Report 2010 – Biodiversity, biocapacity and development
The Living Planet Report is helping raise public awareness of the pressures on the biosphere and spreading the message that “business as usual” is not an option. The report contributes to fostering action, as what gets measured gets managed.

Red Cross / Red Crescent Climate Guide
This Climate Guide aims to share the experiences of more than 40 National Societies who, in the last five years, have started to address climate change in their work.
Red Cross / Red Crescent

The European Environment State and Outlook 2010 – Understanding Climate Change
The European environment — state and outlook is aimed primarily at policymakers, in Europe and beyond, involved with framing and implementing policies that could support environmental improvements in Europe.
European Environment Agency