“A Healthy Recovery would be a world where midwives and nurses are valued”

Kaveri Mayra, Midwife and Nurse Researcher, Phd Student at University of Southampton, University of Southampton, from India #healthyrecovery

“Safe drinking water, good housing conditions, provisions of good food and also health awareness and preventive measures can ensure our recovery from this pandemic.”

Ishita Roy, resident of West Bengal and working as a staff nurse in an obstetric department of a government hospital in West Bengal

“I hope the world leaders are listening. The time to act is now.”

Neha Tiwari, a nursing officer with Lung Care Foundation India

“After the pandemic is over, I really hope that women will be able to have the care that they desire, in the place where they want to have their care, at home or in hospital, without fear of discrimination, and respectful care, and that they can have the support people that they want around them, during the pregnancy and for the birth. “

Allison Cummins, midwife and researcher from the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

“Florence Nightingale once said that there are five essential points of securing health in houses – that’s clean air, clean water, efficient drainage, cleanliness and light.”

Ashley Eckhart, Nursing Student, John Hopkins School of Nursing, Baltimore, USA

“We urge our world leaders to work with us”

Anson, Hong Kong

“A healthy recovery may be defined as all people getting back to their normal life and daily life activities”

Jana, Senior Nursing Student, Lebanese Nursing Student Association

“A healthy recovery is going back to things the way they were before the pandemic.”

Valarina Taylor, surgical nurse, Bahamas

“A healthy recovery means addressing the climate crisis”

Sarah Ellyard, surgical nurse, Sydney, Australia

“The Covid-19 pandemic has been a great opportunity for reflection”

Lorena Badilla, Critical Care Nurse, Hospital Hernán Hernríquez Aravena, Chile

“An effective healthy recovery would be affordable and accessible healthcare for all”

Vincy Tribhuwan. Chief Nursing Officer, Jupiter Hospital, Mumbai.