COP25 hit stalemate over Paris deal implementation

Delegates from more than 190 countries are still talking at the COP25 climate summit in Madrid on how to include ambitious targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions in a final document. Emissions have risen by 4 per cent since 2015, and cuts of more than 7% a year will be needed in the next decade to avoid dangerous temperatures rises.

Stalemate continues in UN climate talks

The two-week-long climate negotiations, named COP25, undergoing in this Spanish capital was scheduled to conclude on Friday. But negotiators have been unable to arrive unanimously on commitments that would see nations to make new pledges by the end of 2020 despite endless rounds of negotiations and back-channel diplomacy.

Grupos de salud dicen: COP25 es un fracaso del liderazgo de proporciones históricas

En un momento en que las principales organizaciones de salud han reconocido la crisis climática como una emergencia de salud y las personas en todo el mundo están experimentando los impactos del cambio climático en su salud, sustento y vivienda, los líderes del gobierno todavía discuten sobre los plazos, evadiendo el tema de las normas y apuntándose unos a otros con el dedo.

Media Advisory – Global Climate and Health Summit at COP25

What: Global Climate and Health Summit at COP25 When: From 0900 - 1730 CET on Saturday December 7th 2019 Where: Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), Facultad de Medicina, Plaza Ramón y Cajal, s/n, Auditorium “Ramón y Cajal”, 2nd floor. Register here   The Global...

47 Experts Urge NSW Government to Defend NSW Law and Climate

GCHA Board member and founder of Australia’s Climate and Health Alliance, Fiona Armstrong RN, joins other scientists and experts to demand government of New South Wales, Australia include climate change when assessing impacts of proposed NSW coal mines.

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