With health on the agenda of the climate negotiations for the first time, there are over 100 health events planned across the two week period of COP28.

Here at GCHA we’re so proud to share just some of the key events that our members and networks are coordinating to ensure that the health voice is heard loud and clear.

Event: Inspiring urgent climate action:
Generating and communicating evidence on climate and health

When: 2nd December, 15:15 – 16:30
Where: WHO Health Pavilion
Co-hosts: Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health

A conversation with Caroline Tateishi, Adelle Thomas, and Ed Maibach moderated by Neha Dewan (Wellcome Trust) 

Event: Accelerating a just transition for healthy people and a healthy planet

When: 5th December 2023, 15:00-16:30
Where:Side event room 4
Co-hosts: Global Climate and Health Alliance, Health Care Without Harm, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, University College London, World Federation of Public Health Associations

Climate change and its drivers increasingly threaten human health, exacerbating cycles of inequality and disease. A just transition which centres on the needs of people and communities is vital to improve health and reduce inequalities while protecting the environment on which we depend.  

Panellists will explore how to address these challenges through transformative action across sectors which responds to the priorities of those most affected through inclusive and participatory approaches. 

Event: Building Climate Resilient Health Systems at Local and Global Scales

When: 3rd December 2023, 13.30
Where: Canada Pavilion 
Co-hosts: Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

Event: Speaking ‘truth to power’ 

When: 5th December 2023, 17:10 – 17:25
Where: Entertainment and Culture Pavilion
Co-hosts: Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health

Dr. Edward Maibach, distinguished University Professor and Director of Mason’s Center for Climate Change Communication (Mason 4C), will be talking about how we use communication to enable climate and health solutions, and how to talk truth to power. 

Event: Breathing for a Better Tomorrow:
Engaging health professionals and civil society for clean air and a healthy climate

When: 6th December, 15:15 – 16:30
Where: WHO Health Pavilion
Co-hosts: Health Care Without Harm, Doctors For Clean Air and Climate Action, Warrior Moms, groundWork (South Africa), KEBUMI (Indonesia), Climate Outreach, Amnesty International, World Federation for Public Health Association and World Medical Association (Junior Doctors Network), YOUNGO Health Working Group (HWG)

Despite these well-documented consequences of air pollution on human health 99% of the world’s population lives in places where air quality levels exceed limits of WHO guidelines. Public health and medical experts, civil society members and parent groups will explore opportunities and strategies on air pollution and health, and identify practical interventions for cleaning our air and transitioning towards a sustainable fossil fuel free future. 

Event: Methane Mitigation and Health:
A Global Health Strategy

When: 9 December, 15:15 – 16:30 (Dubai, GMT+4)
Where: WHO Health Pavilion
Co-hosts: GCHA, World Resources Institute, GAIA, Wellcome, Abt Associates, Environmental Defence Fund 

This session will bring stakeholders from waste, energy, agriculture and public health sectors together to discuss methane’s impact on climate change and to discuss the linkages to health. Bringing in a health frame, the session aims to discuss solutions and a way forward to address methane emissions, and the opportunities for health from both short and long-term methane mitigation strategies 

Follow the live streaming on the COP 28 Health Pavilion website

Flyer available 

Event: Planetary Health Education Revolution:
Why policy and advocacy must be included in education in service of a healthy climate

When: 10th December, 12.15
Where: WHO Health Pavilion
Co-hosts: Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

Event: Health Loss and Damage in the LAC region: 
A Multi Sector Approach

When: 11th December, 15:15 -16:30
Where: WHO Health Pavilion
Co-hosts: ANHE-Latinoamerica, Lancet Countdown, Salud sin Daño, La Fundación Plenitud, Red Latinoamericana de Clima y Salud, Pan American Health Organisation

Focusing in on the critical importance of addressing the pressing challenges of climate-induced loss and damage to health and well-being in the Latin American and Caribbean region.