Global Engagement Certificate

in Climate and Health

Photo Credit: Rabhimbh Bardhan on Unsplash

This pilot certificate series course is tailored for members of the Global Climate and Health Alliance (GCHA) and the global health community who are keen on amplifying their organization’s voice on climate and health issues, enhancing their participation in global climate and health initiatives, understanding the processes of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and leading advocacy efforts at the global and the local levels for integrating health considerations into policy across sectors. The course will feature presentations from global experts and aims to equip members with the tools and knowledge needed for meaningful participation in health and climate policy discussions and initiatives, future Conference of the Parties (COP) of the Convention meetings and beyond. Unlike other learning resources, GCHA’s course provides real-time updates on developments and practical opportunities and steps to engage. This is why the program is provisional for the second half of the year and will update as work in different UNFCCC programmes evolves.

🇬🇧 – 🇪🇸 | English-Spanish simultaneous translation will be available for all sessions.


Course Modalities

COP Starter (7 Possible Sessions): A concise journey through the core elements of COP policies and advocacy strategies, perfect for newcomers eager to step into the climate advocacy realm.

International Climate Negotiations for Health Certificate (14 Possible Sessions): An extensive exploration designed for those committed to leading the charge in climate and health advocacy, offering deeper insights and advanced policy engagement strategies.


Participant Commitment

To ensure a rewarding learning experience, participants are required to attend at least 5/7 sessions of the “COP starter course” and 8/14 of the “International Climate Negotiations for Health” and achieve a minimum score of 75% on the final quiz to receive their certificate.

Once you register for the whole certificate series, you will start receiving updates about the individual sessions on both course modalities. You will still have to register in order to attend each session. If you are unable to attend any session, you will be able to request the recording in a period of 2 weeks after the session.



Course Content

International Climate Negotiations for Health Certificate
This is a comprehensive 14-session program tailored for individuals aiming to understand and influence the interplay between global climate policies and public health outcomes, and organizations aiming to strengthen their engagement in climate and health. To achieve the certificate, you must complete 8 of the 14 sessions offered. Dates and registration links will be added as they become available.

    1. Elevating Your Climate Voice: A Guide to UNFCCC Observer Status and Constituencies
    2. Occupational Health in the Climate Crisis – Focus on Latin America
    3. Amicus for Human Rights: A Meeting for Global Justice in the Climate Crisis
    4. Government Engagement for Climate and Health – Preparing for effective meetings and advocacy
    5. The Latest Evidence on Climate and Health: Global and Regional Findings of the Lancet Countdown
    6. Advocating for Climate and Health Action: The Essential Role of Evidence-Based Policy Making
    7. UNFCCC Mitigation Work Programme
    8. UNFCCC Just Transition Work programme
    9. UNFCCC Global Goal on Adaptation Workstream
    10. Healthy NDCs (Nationally Determined Contributions)
    11. Tackling the causes of climate change: Fossil Fuels
    12. WHA resolution – implications and next steps
    13. COP101 – an orientation to the UNFCCC
    14. COP29 Policy Recommendations

COP Starter Certificate
A more concise and focused option is to complete any 5 of 7 UNFCCC focused sessions. These sessions are designed introduce participants to the fundamentals of the Conference of the Parties (COP) processes and their implications for public health and environmental policy. The sessions that count towards the COP starter certificate are:

  • Government Engagement for Climate and Health – Preparing for effective meetings and advocacy
  • The Latest Evidence on Climate and Health: Global and Regional Findings of the Lancet Countdown
  • Healthy NDCs (Nationally Determined Contributions)
  • UNFCCC Mitigation Work Programme
  • UNFCCC Just Transition Work programme
  • UNFCCC Global Goal on Adaptation Workstreams
  • COP 101 – an orientation to the UNFCCC
  • COP29 Policy Recommendations

Whether you’re looking to get started with COP advocacy or aiming to build a movement, our Pilot Certificate Series offers the knowledge, skills, and networks to propel your efforts forward. Join us to become a catalyst for change in the critical nexus of climate change and health.

Please note that all sessions offered as part of the certificate are also available on an individual basis. If you would like to join a webinar or meeting listed below and you’re not interested in completing the whole certificate, that completely fine. You can use the same links listed below to register and you can find more information about each session on our events page.