The global health community is already seeing the impacts of a changing Read our story... climate on patients and health systems

The Climate and Us

A new series of short films on the connections between climate and health for the GCHA produced by BBC StoryWorks. Come and explore….



COP28 Health Hub

Let's make COP28 count...

Practical information for the health community to engage with COP28. Logistics, policy positions and health events...

Open letter to COP28

Letter from 46m health professionals demanding fossil fuel phase out at COP28. Press release… 


Priorities for a Healthy COP28

Priorities for a Healthy COP28

Health organisations from around the world set out their key priorities for COP28 that would ensure that climate action protects and restores human health and wellbeing.

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The Global Climate and Health Alliance was formed in 2011. Alliance members are health organizations from around the world, united by a shared vision of a sustainable future.

The Alliance works to tackle climate change and to protect and promote public health. Read more