COVID-19 Useful Links

We have compiled a non-exhaustive list of useful links to associations and organisations providing the latest information and guidelines about the coronavirus, causing an illness called Covid-19. The virus is spreading worldwide and it is important we all follow...

Our House is on Fire

- by Frances MacGuire - A search for the Amazon on Google will throw up more than a dozen air pollution monitors for sale. This is surprising because, of all the thousands of words that have been written about the Amazon forest fires since mid-August, very few have...

Coal, challenges and collaboration at COP24

This guest blog by health professional Rashmi Venkatraman explores the implication for health and climate change through the lens of the recent COP24 meeting in Katowice, Poland.

Joint GCHA-NCD Alliance report published

We have just published a policy brief jointly with the NCD Alliance entitled ‘NCDs and Climate Change: Shared Opportunities for Action’ – click on the image or here to download the English version and here for the Spanish version.

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