Organizations in the region will work in partnership to protect the health of populations in Latin America from the impacts of climate change, and maximize the health co-benefits of climate action.

In the framework of an event at COP26, in which the progress of the Latin American and Caribbean countries towards the integration of health was analyzed in their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and other instruments of climate policy, the creation of the Latin American Climate and Health Network was announced.
This Network, convened by the Global Climate and Health Alliance (GCHA), includes scientific and medical organizations, research centers and NGOs that work to minimize the impacts of climate change on human health and mobilize the health sector for climate action. They are united by the vision of a healthy, sustainable, equitable, resilient and inclusive Latin America, which leads in cross-sectoral development policies and climate action that put people at the center.

The organizations that are part of the Network seek to make the relationship between climate and health visible at the national and regional level to promote climate action. Through dialogue and collaboration on specific initiatives, they will generate public policy recommendations and scientific evidence to support them, while mobilizing the community that works on the climate and health agenda in the region to strengthen the voice of Latin America in the global conversation on this topic. Joining forces, the members of the Network will strengthen their contributions to the promotion of sustainable and climate-resilient health systems, which guarantee access to affordable and quality health care for all people.

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Growing list of organizations of the network:

Healthy NDC event in Latin America and the Caribbean at COP26

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Press contacts of the organizations that make up the Network

– Health Without Harm: Carolina Gil Posse, Associate Director of Programs and Communications for Latin America ([email protected])

– GCHA: Milena Sergeeva, liaison for Latin America and the Caribbean, ([email protected])