The health crisis that comes with climate disruption

Scientists and doctors unite in call to act on climate change to protect human health. “An environmental crisis is also a health crisis” is the stark message from health professionals keen to draw sharp attention to the health impacts of climate change around the world. Scientists and doctors might seem to be unlikely activists but…

Saudis again stifle UN climate change report

Efforts to tackle climate change have faced three major setbacks, according to the UN. Saudi Arabia has continued to object to the IPCC scientific report that calls for urgent action on carbon emissions, meanwhile the EU….

In Our Backyard: How climate change can impact your health

Diseases popping up where they never have before, and physicians aren’t trained to combat them is just one way Canadians’ health is being impacted by climate change. GCHA board member Dr. Courtney Howard provides advice to a medical colleague.

Sustainable Energy Week: A cross-cutting priority

By tackling air pollution and climate change together, Europe can safeguard the health of its citizens, says EU Committee of Regions rapporteur & President of Puglia Region, Michele Emiliano.

WHO Conference on Climate Change and Health / Katowice (Poland) 2018

(German) The connection between climate change and health is increasingly the subject of international research. At COP24 in Katowice, the World Health Organization convened a conference on this subject. I attended as a member of the Board of Directors of the North Rhine family physicians’ association…

Youth climate strike: ‘a diagnosis being made en masse,’ says ER doc

GCHA board member Dr. Courtney Howard of Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment writes, “The scale of the climate crisis and the threat to human life has just been made clear in the starkest possible terms by youthful truth-tellers. There is tremendous value in stating a diagnosis out loud.”

Global warming must stay below 1.5°C

Twelve years to act or we will face catastrophic climate change. This is the core message of the report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released on 8 October.

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