Methane & Health

Methane affects human health through multiple, interconnected pathways. Methane is a short-lived, powerful greenhouse gas (GHG), that is accelerating global warming and contaminating the air, water, and soil humans depend on. Seizing the opportunity to reduce methane emissions is not only a pivotal step for the health of the planet, but also for the well-being of people. As methane reduction yields positive effects on both the climate and human health, the involvement of health professionals becomes a critical factor in shaping a sustainable and healthier future for us all.

Key facts about methane, climate change & health

Without drastic cuts in methane emissions, we cannot keep temperatures below 1.5

Methane is about 80 times more powerful than CO2 as a GHG in a 20 year period.

Causes more than 1+ million premature deaths a year as a driver of tropospheric ozone formation

It is a short lived air pollutant – it has an atmospheric life of 12 years.

Has caused more than 30% of current global warming so far

Main methane sources: the fossil fuel industry, agriculture, waste


The Global Climate and Health Alliance is launching comprehensive reports on the correlation between methane emissions and public health. With the recognition of methane as a potent greenhouse gas and its intricate relationship with climate change, these reports serve as a critical resource to illuminate the far-reaching health implications caused by methane emissions. Encompassing key emitting sectors including fossil fuels, agriculture, and waste, the reports aim to unveil the multifaceted impact of methane on present and future well-being. By uncovering the potential health risks posed by methane emissions and their link to various sectors, as well as presenting solutions that benefit both climate and health, GCHA endeavors to catalyze informed decision-making, spur targeted mitigation efforts, and advocate for policies that safeguard both the environment and public health on a global scale.

Overview report – This report provides an overview of the impacts and possible solutions in the nexus between methane emissions, climate change and human well-being.

Agriculture – This report unveils the intricate relationship between methane, food systems and planetary health, while suggesting healthy pathways for humans and the planet.

Fossil fuels sector – This report sheds light on the fossil fuel sector methane emissions and their impacts on human health, as well as on the benefits of their definite elimination.

Waste – This report presents the impacts of methane emissions from the waste sector together with strategies for their mitigation that benefit climate and health.


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Methane Mitigation and Health Briefing Series: A Three-Part Exploration

The Global Climate and Health Alliance invites you to a series of short briefings on mitigating methane and the benefits for health, in the Energy, Food System, and Waste sectors.

Learn more about the need to rapidly drive down emissions of this powerful, short-lived climate pollutant, and about the health benefits, in the Energy, Food, and Waste sectors of strategies to reduce methane. Reducing methane emissions offers a quick win against climate change and important wins for people’s health, a chance to make near term progress while longer term transformations are under way. Following the launch of GCHA’s report series, Mitigating Methane: A global health strategy, this series of 30 minute briefings takes a closer look at what this means, in each of the key methane-emitting sectors, and opportunities to move the needle on methane, climate, and health.

Join one, two, or join all three, to learn more about methane and health in the sectors you’re working on.

Energy, Methane & Health: Reducing exposures now, and on the road to a clean energy future

October 24, 13:00-13:30 UTC


Food, Methane and Health: Advancing food system transformations for healthier people on a healthier planet

Food, Methane and Health: Advancing food system transformations for healthier people on a healthier planet

October 31, 13:00-13:30 UTC
Waste, Methane and Health: Bringing waste solutions to deliver healthier communities

Waste, Methane and Health: Bringing waste solutions to deliver healthier communities

November 7, 03:30-04:00 UTC