Rich Countries Must Support Lower Income Countries for Loss and Damage Costs (including Health Impacts) Occurring in Vulnerable Countries

Sharm El-Sheikh, 1245 EET, 19 November 2022: Amidst rumors that COP27 may close without an agreement, and trigger a special session in mid-2023, or defer agreement on key issues until  COP28, the Jeni Miller, Executive Director of the Global Climate and Health Alliance, which brings together over 130 health organizations from around the world to tackle climate change and to protect and promote public health, said:

“With people’s lives and humanity’s future at stake, governments at COP27 have a moral duty to stay at the table until they reach a robust agreement on establishment of loss and damage finance, that answers the needs of people around the world already being impacted by climate change”.

“In the coming hours, countries must also sit down and thrash out firm plans for protecting the future health and livelihoods of  people worldwide, by making a clear commitment to an equitable phase-out of all fossil fuels, essential to limiting warming to 1.5C. At this stage, anything less will be seen as a profound failure to protect people’s right to health from the ravages of the unfolding climate crisis”.


For interviews with health professionals during COP27, contact Dave Walsh, Communications Advisor, Global Climate and Health Alliance, +34 691 826 764 (Europe) – [email protected] is checked regularly.

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The Global Climate and Health Alliance is the leading global convenor of health professional and health civil society organizations addressing climate change. We are a consortium of health organizations from around the world united by a shared vision of an equitable, sustainable future, in which the health impacts of climate change are minimized, and the health co-benefits of climate change mitigation are maximised.

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