About GCHA


Our story

We are doctors, nurses, clinicians, and therapists. We are health advocates, researchers, public health and policy experts.

We have come together because, wherever we are in the world, we are seeing how climate change is impacting our patients, our communities, our public health and healthcare systems.

Respiratory diseases are escalating;  communicable diseases are spreading; humanitarian disasters  are becoming more frequent.

Climate change is a health emergency. 

Our communities and our healthcare systems are already bearing the costs.

But there is an answer: Climate solutions can be health solutions. 

That’s why we’re working together to hold decision makers to account.

To protect human health, we have to restore the planet.

Join us.

Our #ClimatePrescription


Our Mission

Health professionals are among the most trusted professionals in the world.

They have the power to shift the politics of climate change with both stories and an evidence base centered on the shared human value of health.

As influential members of society, health professionals can impact policy when organized into powerful professional associations and civil society groups, through direct advocacy with decision makers.

GCHA is uniquely positioned to engage and guide the rapidly growing movement of health professionals and health workers concerned about climate change, to drive the transformational change needed to address the climate emergency.