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WHO representatives, economist, to address climate, health and covid response ahead of finance ministers meeting

Ahead of July 2020′ G20 Finance Ministers meeting (18-19), WHO representatives, an economist with COVID19 recovery expertise and representatives from leading medical and health organizations from around the world gathered for a webinar on July 15th titled A Healthy Recovery: Charting the path forward.

The webinar provided an overview of COVID19 government response packages, how these investments can support our future health and well being from a health, economic, and sustainability perspective, and key steps governments should be taking to deliver a Healthy Recovery. Leading health organizations discussed their efforts to help bring this about.

This online gathering follows the letter sent on May 26th by 40 million doctors, nurses and other health professionals from 90 countries, including many working on the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic, urging G20 leaders to put public health at the centre of their economic recovery packages by prioritizing investments in public health, clean air, clean water and a stable climate.

This #HealthyRecovery letter made clear that to protect people’s health, progress must be continued on air pollution, climate change and other key environmental issues, and that governments must substantially strengthen our health and social systems, even as the world grapples with the COVID19 crisis and its economic impacts.

The webinar is part of ongoing work of the WHO-Civil Society Working Group to Advance Action on Climate & Health


  • Welcome: Jeni Miller, ED, Global Climate and Health Alliance; co-chair, WHO-Civil Society Working Group on Climate & Health
  • WHO Healthy Recovery Manifesto, and Developments w/G20 : Dr. Maria Neira, Director Public Health and Environment, WHO
  • Overview : Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum, WHO Scientific Lead, Climate Change & Health
  • Health & Sustainability in the Covid Economic Recovery : Prof Carla Guerriero, Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics and Statistics
  • Panel discussion, Healthy Recovery Letter Signatories (moderated by WHO’s Dr Diarmid Campbell Lendrum):
    • Fatima Al Rifai, MSN, PhD, Board member, International Council of Nurses
    • Dr. Otmar Kloiber, Secretary General of the World Medical Association
    • Dr. Mauricio Ilabaca, Technical Secretary of the Environment Department, Colegio Medico of Chile
    • Dr. Laetitia Rispel, Past President, World Federation of Public Health Associations
    • UK Health Alliance on Climate Change (TBC)
  • Q&A, all speakers 

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