Launched in May 2023, the Youth Climate and Health Network (YCHN) supports young people who care about the health of people and planet to connect with each other. Our goal is to create a platform that facilitates solidarity, care, and collective action from a health and climate justice perspective.

Even as climate change poses a significant threat to our present and future wellbeing, young people have been powerful agents for climate justice, pushing to accelerate the urgent transformations needed to address climate change and protect our future. As a member of YCHN, you will be able to connect with other passionate young people, share and grow your skills, and elevate the global youth voice for a healthy future. 

We are working to make YCHN a space where young people can network, exchange ideas, and in partnership, address the interlinkages of climate, health, social, and intergenerational justice. We welcome individuals from all backgrounds, including those with non-health backgrounds, as we recognise that health justice is a collective issue. We are excited to build this dynamic, vibrant, and interactive community with you, collaborating for a better and healthier world.

We are excited to invite your diverse talents into a dynamic, vibrant and interactive community to collaborate for a better and healthier world.

The Youth Climate and Health Network might be for you if:

  • You are between 18 and 35
  • You care about people and the planet
  • You are ready to drive meaningful change for global climate justice and health
  • You want to share and grow you skills with along with other passionate young people, while elevating the global youth voice for a healthy future

To join the YCHN, we ask that you:

  • Endorse the The Doha Declaration on Climate, Health and Wellbeing ‘Health must be central to climate action’
  • Agree to the following network participation norms:
    • We will treat each other with respect, care and patience
    • We will strive to work in the spirit of solidarity, inclusivity, and collaboration
    • We will be open to shared and reciprocal learning 
    • We will work to recognize positionality, global power structures and cultural differences, knowing people will have different perspectives and experiences
    • We will be ready to offer and receive support from/to other network members
    • We will bring curiosity and patience when facing challenges with each other
    • We will do our best to communicate clearly, especially when it comes to expectations about shared work
    • We will be gentle with ourselves and each other

Apply to join the Youth Climate & Health Network

The Youth Climate and Health Network was created in collaboration with a founding committee of eleven young leaders who brought their incredible skills, talent, wisdom, experience, vision and insight to the project. Much of the text on this text was drafted by Amit Singh, a member of the founding committee.