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The Climate and Us is a new series of short films for the GCHA produced by the BBC StoryWorks Commercial Unit.

The 7 minute shorts take the audience on a cinematic journey across the world to reveal the many ways in which a changing climate is impacting people’s health and wellbeing.

Spanning the world, from California to Jakarta, from Sri Lanka to Canada, these short films document the many dimensions of the health and climate emergency. In stark terms, they demonstrate the impact of air pollution particles on young lungs; how heatwaves are creating breeding grounds for new pests; and how controllable diseases are on the rise again. 

It is these realities that are prompting the health community to unite and demand climate action. 

The series also shows the many ways that all sectors of society – communities, charities, academics, and the private sector – can collaborate to tackle the health emergency that climate change is driving. 

Come and explore… 


Please note: With the exception of the Environmental Defense Fund, which was interviewed as part of the series and has long supported GCHA’s research into the links between methane and health, the GCHA has received no funding from organisations featured in this series. The views and opinions expressed in the series are those of the individuals or organisations interviewed alone, and do not necessarily reflect the perspectives of the GCHA. 

Protecting Resources

The climate crisis is threatening the resources we depend on for our daily lives – how can we protect our most essential needs?


Our health care systems are already struggling to cope with a changing climate. Can we create health systems fit for the future?


Wildfires, floods and heatwaves are driving new and old health problems. Can communities adapt in time?


This series was produced for The Global Climate and Health Alliance by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Production