Health professionals know the students are right, climate change is an emergency

Climate Change will impact health for generations to come. On September 20th and 27th, students around the world are hitting the streets to call for for bold action on climate. Health professionals have a critical role to play. We are not calling on health professionals to go on strike, but we can bring health delegations to the student demonstrations during our breaks or day off, and show strong support via workplace actions and letters.

Healthy Air, Healthy Climate

Unmask My City is a global initiative by doctors, nurses, public health practitioners, and allied health professionals dedicated to improving air quality and reducing emissions in our cities.

Call to action on Climate and Health

On 12 September 2018, the Global Climate and Health Forum brought together 300 leaders from national and local governments, health systems, public health agencies, civil society, and international health organizations to build the community of climate and health professionals, share global success stories of health action for climate, and generate momentum and commitments for action on climate and health.

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