Read our series of blogs discussing the local health impacts of climate change, which were written for the GCHA by medical students, in partnership with the IFMSA:

Climate change’s impact on infectious diseases in Europe

The impact of climate change on skin cancer in Australia

Climate change, unusual typhoons and health in the Philippines

The impacts of climate change on health in South America



Gender, climate change and health
This discussion paper addresses gender equality in work relating to climate change and health and aims to provide a framework for gendered health risk assessment and adaptation/ mitigation actions in relation to climate change.
World Health Organization

Health and climate change: policy responses to protect public health

The 2015 Lancet Commission on Health and Climate Change

The 2015 Lancet Commission maps out the impacts of climate change, and the necessary policy responses, to ensure the highest attainable standards of health for populations worldwide.  The report’s central finding is that tackling climate change could be the greatest global health opportunity of the 21st century.

Climate Change 2007 – Impacts, adaptation and vulnerability
Working group II contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 2007

IPCC – Human Health
This chapter describes the observed and projected health impacts of climate change, current and future populations at risk, and the strategies, policies and measures that have been and can be taken to reduce impacts.

Protecting Health from Climate Change – Connecting science, policy and people
This paper explores the risk climate change poses to health, asks who is most vulnerable and what needs to be done?
World Health Organization

Review: The economics of health and climate change: key evidence for decision making
In responding to the health challenges of climate change, those responsible for health policies and resource allocations need to know the resource consequences of their decisions. This article examines the availability and strength of economic evidence for policy makers to draw on in making health policy decisions.
Globilization and Health

Managing the health effects of climate change
This report outlines the major threats—both direct and indirect—to global health from climate change through changing patterns of disease, water and food insecurity, vulnerable shelter and human settlements, extreme climatic events, and population growth and migration.
The Lancet Commissions

Atlas of Health and Climate
The Atlas of Health provides sound scientific information on the connections between weather and climate and major health challenges. These range from diseases of poverty to emergencies arising from extreme weather events and disease outbreaks. They also include environmental degradation, the increasing prevalence of noncommunicable diseases and the universal trend of demographic ageing.
World Health Organization and World Meteorological Organization