COVID-19, Climate Change, and Health

As the world works to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, health professionals are on the frontlines, caring for patients and protecting our health. At the same time, governments are already deciding on policies and investments that will determine how we come out of this crisis. These once-in-a-generation decisions will determine whether we emerge from this crisis into a healthier world, or return to business as usual, on a path to ongoing health challenges driven by climate change and other environmental degradation.

As health and public health professionals, we want to ensure that the responses to COVID-19 put us on a path to a healthier, safer, more sustainable future.


Covid and Climate Change: Health perspectives from around the world

Learn what health professionals and health organizations are saying about COVID-19, climate change and health, and why our health depends upon the recovery directions we take. International health perspectives.


Advocacy: Protecting our future during covid recovery

Decisions and investments made to address COVID-19 will have a major impact on our shared future. Health professionals from around the world are calling for COVID responses that lead to a healthier and safer future.  Read the letter over 40 million health professionals sent to the G20.


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